About – Welcome Message and Guidelines

Welcome! This page is intended to help provide support for family members of veterans struggling PTSD, alcoholism, or other problems. Family members of deceased veterans that had these issues, as well as ex-spouses, are also welcome. This blog is liberal and peace activist-friendly and definitely not right-wing, so please keep this in mind when commenting here or on the Facebook page.
Please keep the following rules in mind that are designed to keep this a safe place:
1. Do not share your mailing address or other personally identifying information, this blog is open to the general public
2. No spam, vulgarity, hate speech, or other such nonsense is allowed.
3. No political or religious debates are allowed. While honest discussion of how veteran’s issues are dealt with in the US are okay, debates are off-limits. Theological debates are inappropriate, although requesting prayer and similar types of replies are okay.
4. Attacking other visitors or otherwise harassing/abusing them is not okay.
5. This page is not staffed by mental health professionals, and we are unable to make referrals. If you are having a mental health crisis, please seek help at your local hospital or a VA facility.